Jan 292011

Three concurrent efforts:

1) 1/40 scale X-15A-3 display model, based on detailed NAA diagrams, in the same scale and style as the Topping X-15 display model. Not shown: X-15A-2 and X-15A-2/SERJ in same scale and style. Being made for a private collector.

2) 1/48 scale OSC X-42 reusable launch vehicle demonstrator. Also being made for a private collector.

3) 1/72 XSL-01 master being made for production as a kit.

Additional copies of the X-15’s and X-42 may be made available to other interested parties. These are not “hand made by Asian slave labor using Phillipine mahogany,” but are in fact made by hand by *me* largely from urethane resin. Consequently, they are more accurate and more expensive than the cheap crap out of Asia. If you might be interested, let me know.

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  • Madoc


    A 1/72 XSL-01? Coolness! When will it hit the market?



  • DconBlueZ

    Wow, just had a flashback. My first model kit circa 1972 when I was 11 was an X-15. Suddenly I have a urge to find me one. Got a recommendation?