Dec 312010

Scruffy disappeared for a while, but put in an appearance just before Christmas. His fur had fluffed up some to deal with the colder temps. The sheer raging inferno that is his *hate* for other creatures probably goes far to keep him warm. Haven’t seen Scruffy Jr. in a good long while, though.

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  • Pat Flannery

    Wouldn’t it be a ball to toss this cat onto Sarah McLachlan when she’s recording one of her sad SPCA commercials?
    Between the biting, hissing, shrieking, and clawing, one hears her screaming: “Get this fucking thing off of me! Kill it! Kill it!”
    A whole new approach to the prevention of cruelty towards pets… if you mistreat them, they may try to kill you…so be nice to them.

  • Bruce

    Hope Scruffy.Jr. is alright…you should have kept him under watchful captivity
    for him still being a kitten. I remember someone telling me that their kitten
    they think was taken off their balcony on an upper level of a condo by hawks which sometimes fly around in this area.

  • Pat Flannery

    Scott did spot those hawks eyeballing the cats a while back also…

  • Michael Holt

    Fluffy Jr was probably eaten by Fluffy Sr.

  • Pat Flannery

    The subtly psycho cat was Tak, though Scruffy has a really dangerous look in his eyes that seems to warn you to stay the hell away from him if you value your face.
    Raidthinn on the other hand looks about as bad-tempered as a throw pillow, and about as active as one also. 🙂