Dec 302010

At last. Begins on page 57 of issue V3N1, ends on page 108. I’m hoping to have V3N1 finished up and out the hatch this weekend.

Update: some possibel covers. Both look kinda cheesy, but at least there’s some color.

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  • Michael Scott

    You Nexus huh, I design your eyes …….

  • “If only you could see what I’ve seen with your eyes.”

    PayPal accounts are standing by….. 🙂

  • Michel Van

    51 pages about NEXUS?, holy glory !

  • admin

    > 51 pages about NEXUS

    Woulda been longer, but it was long enough. I chopped out the bulk of the stuff about the other designs GD came up with alongside NEXUS for the Post-Saturn role. Maybe later.

    There is quite enough in these 51 pages to give the true space fan a case of the sads. Personally I doubt that NEXUS could have been made to work as promised, on budget and in the time scheduled, but it would have been better by far to have seen them try and come up a bit short than what actually happened. The schedules included in the article lay out when Americans were going to set up a base on the Moon, land on Mars, fly by Venus, get to the Jovian moons, the moons of Saturn, and the vicinity of Neptune. And it was just a little sooner than 2050…

  • George Allegrezza

    I vote for No. 1. It follows the general APR style and the title doesn’t cover the artwork.

  • kbob42

    Cover 1 looks better in my opinion.

  • Michel Van

    i vote for no 1
    but try titel text in bold
    will look much better