Nov 302010

Normally a video of two cats tearing each other up wouldn’t interest me too much. This one, however, is made freakin’ hilarious due to the addition of two corvids who are counting coup. The wonderfully editted music helps as well.

[youtube PNqNfxo42J8]

Corvids (crows, ravens, magpies) are really damned smart. They are beyond tool using smart… they are tool inventing smart. And with smarts comes “acting like a dumbass.” We see it in all the higher-ends brains on the planet… the smarter you are, the more “play” you’re into… and the more “dangerously stupid and stupidly dangerous” play you’re into. Corvids like to pick on predators much bigger than them just, apparently, to prove that they can.

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  • Jim

    Maybe the crows are just feathery juvenile delinquents?


  • Pat Flannery

    I get a feeling the cats were near their nest and they felt their young were threatened by their presence.
    They seem more concerned by the gray and white cat than the black one, so maybe they consider the black one a known quantity that could chase the other one off…as occurs.
    Or maybe the white and gray _did_ just try to attack their young, and they want it gone pronto, and the black one just shows up at the right time to help in that endeavor, as it’s his territory.
    Another disturbing (but I think pretty unlikely) possibility is that they are trying to get the two cats to fight so in the offhand chance one kills the other it will be time for dinner.
    Did you see this one BTW?:
    …now here’s a cat with _real_ balls…this sucker will back down alligators two at a time.
    I like the way it turns its back on them in contempt and walks away, like it’s saying: “You aren’t even my league, you pathetic lizards…I eat cobras for breakfast”.