Nov 272010

Taken from a report to the Wright Air Development Division (Wright-Pat AFB) dated May 1961 is an illustration of a manned “tug” to be used to bring logistics vehicles to space stations. The idea seemed to have been that spaceplanes from Earth (and similar manned large space vehicles) might not be able to precisely maneuver themselves into a safe docking with a  space station.

The report described work done by Cleveland Pneumatic Industries, Inc., mostly focussing on landing gear systems for both spacecraft returning to Earth, and landing on the moon. However, a some of the artwork clearly depicted designs produced by Lockheed, so this space “tug” might have been a design by Lockheed, Boeing or some other major contractor.

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  • Jeff Wright

    I have heard rumors of some art work of large Earthmovers on the lunar surface in my local Caterpiller dealership…