Oct 292010

Star Trek: U.S.S. Enterprise: Haynes Manual


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  • kbob42

    Do you get a cut for Amazon sales that link from your site? Of so, I will order this asap. If not then Schlock Mercenary can use a few dimes.

  • admin

    Not a nickle. I suppose that’s something I aught to look into.

  • kbob42

    Well, heck yeah. Anything to help feed the cats.

  • Jim

    They have one for Apollo lander, too.


  • jstar

    About time, too. I was getting really tired of having to having to have it in the shop for something I KNEW I could fix myself, if only I had the manual.

    If I could only find a discount place, or ev3n a pick-n-pull, for parts, I’d be one happy Trekker.

  • Michael Holt

    Good start. Now all we need is a manual for Serenity and the TARDIS. I admit I’d kinda like to have one for the D-558-2. But then there’s the Galileo and the von Braun 3-stage ferry …

  • Pat Flannery

    I still want the Avro Vulcan one; and so does SPECTER:
    That TARDIS one would be tricky, as even the Doc doesn’t fully understand how to work it reliably, despite having spent several lifetimes operating that damn cranky thing.
    This is _so_ cool:
    “Pur-chase! PUR-CHASE!” 😀


  • Jeff Wright

    The fold bisects the images. The format used for STARFGLEET PROTOTYPES and SHIPS OF THE LINE would have been better.

    I bought the book all the same. The haters will just hobble any future, better attempts at Tech Manuals.