Oct 282010

Official: the next model that I will master for Fantastic Plastic is the Project Pluto nuclear ramjet cruise missile. The next model was *supposed* to be the “2001” Space Station V, but I’m separated from my references for that. But the Pluto stuff I have on hand.

Currently undetermined is the scale. 1/72 is the obvious choice, but 1/48 might be possible as well. Some measure of “cutaway model” will be inevitable, due to the wide open nature of the inlet and nozzle; a full cutaway with all the innards is unlikely, but possible at larger scales. If you have a preference, leave a comment.

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  • Tim

    Put me down for one!
    Any size would be great, and it needn’t be a cutaway.
    As long as the intake spike and a nozzle were included so not to have that dreaded see-through effect.
    As for ‘extras’, a weapons bay with ordnance would be a plus, along with external rocket boosters.

  • Madoc

    1/72nd please!

  • Bruce

    1/72nd if you please for those of us with limited space.

  • Pat Flannery

    A launcher for it to sit on would be a nice touch also, as would a separate model of the Tory nuclear ramjet to display with it.
    Which of the booster configurations do you intend to use?

  • Pat Flannery

    Wait a minute, intake/exhaust area isn’t “wide-open”, the air flows through the hexagon-shaped/circular channels in the reactor to heat it.
    You can see the interior design from the rear in the video of the Tory 2C reactor in operation via the mirror.

  • archipeppe

    Nice news Scott, I’m eager to see this new, wonderful, model.

  • Pat Flannery

    Start here: it’s in five parts, and is a lot of fun, including assembling the Tory reactor:

  • Rick

    1/48th scale, please, Scott, it would look great on my Lionel train layout!