Oct 272010


Short form: NY City has proposed new rules that will strip citizens of their Constitutionally guaranteed protections if those citizens have a speeding ticket, or have been fired, or have had trouble with credit cards, or have poor moral character or for any other reason the NYPD might make up.



Short form: a farmer gets burgled, and whollops the crap out of one of the burglars. So, guess who’s been charged with assault.

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  • sferrin

    Gun permits? Remind me never to move to New York.

  • admin

    > Gun permits?

    Sure. Every bit as constitutional as book permits and church passes. Can’t have just anybody writing books or worshipping any crackpot god… you need Common Sense Rules about such things.

  • Michael Holt

    America; land of opportunity.

    I’ve always been amused by this idea; “…if the courts determine it to be excessive force…” How can they know what was excessive, months later and without having faced the criminal as he was at the time?

    NYC sounds like a madhouse, but then most large cities are insane. It would appear that the residents are so far out of control that anything to keep them in line is deemed a Good Thing.

  • Michael Llaneza

    NYPD is very happily running a police state. A whistleblower cop recorded his bosses assigning quotas for arrests and telling officers not to take felony reports but to try and get a misdemeanor complaint or nothing. He ended up on a 72-hour involuntary commitment. That’s straight out of Stalin’s playbook.


    Lots of other sources, this just came up high in a search.

  • Kelly Starks


    I like Texas better. if there is anyone on your property after dark, you must be assumed to be in reasonable fear of your life. So the use of lethal force cannot be questioned.

    Surprisingly low burglary rates in Texas.