Sep 272010

After yet another incident where WordPress decided to shut down commenting, I’ve decided to take some sort of action. The response I got on the support forum was to shut down all plugins and see if that helps, then re-activate plugins one at a time. I don;t have too many… but one is the anti-spam plugin. Considering that I get something like 100+ spam messages per day… I’d expect a whole bucketload of spam to start showing up real soon now.

The next step, when/if the plugin method fails, is to re-load WordPress. And it seems the chances of wiping out all existing data… comments, uploaded files and pics, whole postings… are substantial. So, backup. But given my luck with computers, I’ve just got to assume that not only will the re-load wipe out everything currently existing, the backups will fail in some way.

 So if there’s stuff on the Unwanted Blog you’ve been thinking about saving… do so now.

UPDATE: Stage One testing is complete. Translation… I moved the folder for the June, 2008, uploaded files (images) out of the blog directory into a non-blog directory. As expected, the postings from June 2008 then would not display images (apart from the standard Red X). The folder was then restored, and the blog postings, once refreshed, showed the images again.  So if I wind up reloading WordPress, the images seem savable. Of course, if the postings themselves get wiped out… then it was still all for naught.

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