Sep 222010

Dune. Desert planet. Canada.–u-of-t-student-makes-history-with-human-powered-flapping-wing-plane?bn=1

A University of Toronto engineering graduate student has made aviation history, successfully flying the first ever human-powered flapping-wing aircraft continuously.

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  • Doug

    Dang, I never saw that coming. Human powered flapping wings. I’d have thought there could never be an efficient enough conversion of mechanical energy to allow something like that to work.

  • Huron

    A great accomplishment by a fellow U of T student.

    I lived with three engineers in my first year at U of T. I tell ya, I doubt most of my fellow liberal arts students could handle the workload required to be an engineering student; I know I couldn’t. Insanity.

  • Russ Mularz

    Not bad! I’m guessing the microcar with towline was to help get it off of the ground… or was it to help maintain a minimum forward airspeed? Either way, an impressive example of new and improved materials making the once impossible possible.

  • Pat Flannery

    When I went to the link, it brought up a pop-up ad that had a glass of water on it, making it _really_ seem Dune-like. 🙂

  • Jp


  • OK. That is pretty darn cool.