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If you like critters, give serious consideration to not reading any further than Right Here. Stop. Go have a beer or something and come back after I’ve posted something aerospace or political.


Seems a video was posted online showing a teenage girl merrily chucking live puppies into a fast-flowing river. Now, drowning “excess” critters has been a common occurance for as long as humans have controlled critters; and while sad, it is at least at some level understandable from a purely practical standpoint (critters that are sick, or that you can’t feed, your have to get rid of… and drowning is perhaps one of the quicker and less-horrible ways of doing so). However, we’re past the point where such things are likely necessary… I’ve had a *lot* of excess kittens over the years, and every last one of ’em, I was able to give away. So puppy-drowning is not “necessary to preserve the farm” anymore. What’s really bad about the video is that it’s clearly not being done sadly, or even matter-of-factly… she’s enjoying throwing puppies to their doom.

One of the down sides to the internet has been that it has allowed people to display their jackassery to the world for their own entertainment, and remain anonymous. But… as it turns out, there’s not near as much anonymity as most people think. Not only do multiple governments watch every online transaction you make and note every dirty video you watch, there are individuals who can do some pretty fair online investigating. And if you band enough of those individuals together and set them a common purpose… they can dig up pretty much *anything.*

Like the identity of Puppy-Chucking-Girl.

 The 4chan miscreants quickly identified the owner of the YouTube account that had uploaded the video, his hometown, and, possibly, his Facebook account. And not just that: /b/tards picked out two Facebook profiles they thought were most likely the girl in the video, as well as profiles of friends and the camera man.


The /b/tards are confident that they’re right, and they’ve got some evidence: “Martin,” the Bosnian kid on whose YouTube account the video was apparently uploaded first, seems to have posted on a Croatian gaming forum here (via) complaining about 4chan.

So not only did the (apparently Bosnian) animal abusers fail to hide their identities… they exposed themselves to the wrath of 4chan. That… was unwise.

Now, if’n you read the post and are feeling bummed, or watched the video and are feeling bummed, here’s some antidote:

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  • Pat Flannery

    You know it’s not a water dog when you have to put a life jacket on it.
    The way it hops off the pier, it looks like it’s half expecting to fly like Underdog 🙂
    Now _here’s_ a real water dog:
    You can tell he’s going to be doing that all afternoon.

  • Pat Flannery

    This is one of the odder things I’ve seen a dog do; it actually looks like it understands the concept of elevation versus water flow:

  • Michael Holt

    Can’t say this damaged my soul. It’s from Bulgaria or someplace thereabouts? What this tells me is that a morality cannot be build on economic theory.

    I agree that the girl needs to be tossed into the rover. Tied back to back to the cameraman.

  • admin

    > Can’t say this damaged my soul.

    Probably cuz ya ain’t got one…

    > It’s from Bulgaria or someplace thereabouts?

    The /b/tards seem to think, with some justification, that it’s from Bosnia.

    On an entirely separate note, apparently the Imamocracy of Iran has come down with edicts banning the advertisement of dog food, dog toys, dog supplies of all kinds, because dogs are unclean, having dogs as pets is un-Islamic, blah, blah, blah. If you want to draw some sort of connection from that to Bosnia and its 45% Muslim population… well, that’s up to you.

  • Michael Holt

    You may be right, Scott: I’m a ginger, so don’t have a soul. (I have a cartoon about that, somewhere.) I could do nothing to influence their actions, so there was no reason for me to get excited about it. I would like to watch the video of the two them being tossed in the river, though. That would make me smile.

    What pets are Islamic? Birds, maybe? They’re just like most of the overreligious: noisy, smelly, dirty, and ultimately ineffectual.

  • Pat Flannery

    Animals live outdoors, people live indoors.
    …and that goes for plants also.
    If God had wanted dogs or cats to live indoors, he would have given them an opposing thumb, so they could hit it with a hammer as they were building their houses.
    Islam and animals:
    Dogs bad; cats very good, and Mohammad had a pet cat he thought the world of.
    Apparently this cat slept a lot, so Raidthinn must be a later incarnation of it. 😀

  • admin

    > cats very good

    This is not exactly universally accepted. Recall the heartbreaking story of Marjan the lion from Afghanistan prior to 9/11.

  • Pat Flannery

    That’s not a cat, that’s a Allah-damned man-eating lion.
    That’s a whole other ball of wax regarding how it should be treated.
    If Mohammad had that as a pet, it wouldn’t wake him up for prayer call, it probably would rip his head off in his sleep. 😀
    It would explain one thing neatly though…if _that_ was sleeping on my cloak, I wouldn’t wake it up to get the cloak back either before heading to the mosque.
    In fact, I’d buy a whole new cloak, and never return to where it was sleeping again. 😀
    BTW, that Wikipedia link is to the city, not the lion:

  • admin

    > If Mohammad had that as a pet…

    … the world would be a better place.

    > that Wikipedia link is to the city

    Nope, it’s to the lion. But something got fudged up in formatting.

  • Pat Flannery

    Mohammad about to get the greatest, and last, surprise of his life:
    No doubt it saw those cat-gut strings on the mandolin, and got _really_ pissed off.

  • 2hotel9

    I now, formally, volunteer to beat all of the subhuman scum involved in this incident to death with a baseball bat. Whether or not you like animals you can not allow these things to continue to contaminate the Human Race. And the sad part is this kind of sh*t is far too common, and anyone who does such to animal WILL, and DO, do such things to children and other helpless people. Got to clean this type of mental illness out of the gene pool.

  • Michel Van

    can some trow that sick bitch in a swimming pool, were the Tiger ODIN swim in ?
    that gona be fun to watch 😀

    apropo sick bitch a woman has trow a cat in trashcan in england
    (garbage truck compress the trash direct after they load it)
    lucky some one save the kitty or it have be crush to death !
    She explained to the paper, “I thought it would be funny and anyway It’s just a cat.”
    that bitch need free ride in a trashcan into a garbage truck…

  • Pat Flannery

    They’ve caught her:
    The Taliban may be blowing people up left-and-right in Pakistan, but at least this foul puppy murderer has been brought to justice, just like that woman who put the cat in the dumpster.
    At this point, I completely give up on understanding where the sense of proportion has gone in the western world.
    Or, as it was put in the old TV series “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman”: “What sort of person would kill chickens and goats like that? And the people of course…”

  • Pat Flannery

    Somali immigrants to Jamestown update #1.
    It is apparently perfectly okay for the male Somalis to go around in T-shirts and bluejeans like everyone else, but the women must still wear full Burqas.
    If the women try to go out in a blizzard dressed like that, the total amount of fabric involved in the Burqa is going to act like a giant sail, and get them blown into the next county in the high winds.
    They have a hell of a time getting into a car and not getting some of the Burqa stuck in the door as they try to close it.
    Allah knows how many square feet of fabric is involved in one of those, but it makes a Roman toga look almost like a bikini by comparison. 😀