Aug 312010

Shortly after today’s ATK rocket test… it started raining dirt.


dsc_7330.jpg dsc_7331a.jpg  dsc_7331b.jpg  dsc_7333.jpg  dsc_7334.jpg

My guess is that the rocket exhaust kicked up many tons of burnt dirt and chucked it into the sky, borne aloft in the “mushroom cloud.” The wind conditions were just right for the fallout to cover my property (and my neighbors’… who is thrilled because she had just cleaned her swimming pool). The stuff is *everywhere.* It’s part fine dust, part grit, and sticks to everything. If I come down with cancer or some other crazy-ass disease… well, you know where it came from.


Maybe I can sell this on eBay?


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  • George Allegrezza

    Yeah there was a press release a few days ago:

  • sjv

    File a claim with ATK for your time to clean up. They did legitimately damage your property, though you can’t expect much since the damage wasn’t serious. But it may be worth a try.

    And it isn’t like you don’t need the money.

  • Lars

    And be careful… SRB exhaust is not exactly nice stuff. Hopefully it is just dirt and nothing worse.

  • Pat Flannery

    Is it sticky from the burnt urethane in the fuel?

  • Michael Holt
  • Flateric

    ATK…and now time for revenge has come for you! Sue them to last penny, Scott

  • Pat Flannery

    Nail ATK’s balls to the top of a fencepost, and then push them off of it backwards.

  • Michael Holt

    I got to thinking about the idea of selling it on eBay. Maybe it could be sold as “rocket fuel debris from the next generation of booster.

  • Matthew Ota

    Which begs the question, how much of this stuff is scattered all around LC39 at KSC due to the many launches there? What is the environmental impact of it?

  • admin

    >> how much of this stuff is scattered all around LC39 at KSC

    Virtually none. The test here in Utah has a horizontal motor that spends 2 minutes blasting away at a hillside made of dirt. A Shuttle launch has a concrete and steel structure being flooded with water and exposed to only a few seconds of direct impingement.

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