Aug 312010

So there I was, at about 9:30 this morning minding my own business when a low rumble comes out of *everywhere.* After a few seconds of it I realized that it wasn’t a truck, a jet or a psychotic episode, so I grabbed the camera and wandered out into the front yard and saw this:


dsc_7309.jpg  dsc_7314.jpg  dsc_7317.jpg  dsc_7324.jpg

Turns out ATK just fired off one of the five-segment Ares motors for the probably-defunct Constellation program. I missed this one, I guess…

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  • Michael Holt

    Think how bad it was for those who have idea what caused the noise and the cloud. Anyone who has seen too many 50s Cold War movies can probably be found catatonic in their bedroom closet.

  • Michael Holt

    Should have been “no idea.” Bad keyboard design, again.

  • 2hotel9

    Funny, NASA has not stopped any of the Constellation program work, just renamed/classified it.

  • sferrin

    Michael: By now everybody in Utah knows what they are as they’ve been firing them off for 30+ years now. 😉

    *I read somewhere this one was suppose to rate 3.6 million lbs. thrust. Still a far cry short of Aerojets 260″ 🙁

  • George Allegrezza

    2hotel9, it’s still funded in FY2010, so they’re going ahead with it until the money runs out.

  • Observer

    In terms of energy released, I wonder how it does compare with a small nuke.

  • Observer

    Well, duh I guess, the mass of the propellant is about .5 kilotons, but whether that releases the same energy as TNT I don’t know.