Aug 302010

Every few days I check on my blog’s “stats.” Tells me things like how many people looked at it, which posts got how many views, what searches people use to find my blog posts (presumably Google, but I’m too damned lazy to really check), that sort of thing.

So I looked at it a few minutes ago, and found that yesterdays totals were well above normal, almost twice as many as the day before. My first thought was “oh, boy, people must be going nuts for the Project Orion book update!!!’

Well, no.


Seems a non-aerospace posting from more than a month ago got the bulk of the interest. Now, what could possibly cause that many people to decide to check out that posting? Hmm, let’s check out the “Search Engine Terms” data…


Ah. Christina Hendricks. Without whom apparently half of the internet would dry up and blow away.

Perhaps I should give up this failed interest in aerospace and turn the Unwanted Blog into a Christina Hendricks fan site. Maybe hire Pat to write some crappy fan-fiction revolving around her.

Sigh. Gah.

“Moobs?” Honestly?

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  • Well hell! I guess I’ll have to start adding “Christina Hendricks” to the keywords for all my blog entries.

  • Pat Flannery

    She wore a lavender dress to the Emmys; this was big news over on The Huffington Post:
    Regarding the “crappy” fan-fiction I’m supposed to write, what if those aren’t breasts at all? What if they are dual radomes concealing some sort of a microwave system tuned to the frequency of male brain waves that forces men to fall in love with her when they are aimed at them?
    I can’t find a topless photo of her on the web, so how do we know those things are real, and that she’s not some sort of killer cyborg like Seven Of Nine was? I note she had really big knockers also.
    And in both cases they could be cunning implants of some kind.
    Alien deceptions involving “women” with large breasts are well known to anyone who watches quality science fiction films:
    BTW, if you enter “chr” into a Google search, the suggestion function brings up her name as result #4…and Christ Jesus?
    Nowhere to be seen.
    This is what Glenn Beck was warning us about. We have sacrificed our immortal souls for immoral sluts, in much the way the Catholics are damned to Hellfire for their worship of the “Virgin” Mary. 😉
    (I wonder how many minutes it will be after she films her last episode of “Mad Men” before Playboy starts waving a giant check in her face?)

  • 2hotel9

    I may be mistaken, but that post was not about the scrumptious Ms Hendricks, was it?

  • 2hotel9

    OK, found it! It does have a pic of her, so that must be your ticket to blog superstardom. Add in some monkeys throwing poo, a la’ cnn or MSNBC, and you gots a winner!

  • Michael Holt

    It’s her boobs. Everyone loves boobs.

  • Observer

    Try something along the lines of “Christina Hendricks to run Tea Party from orbital Orion flagship.”

  • Moonbat

    “I’ll buy that for a dollar!”

  • Pat Flannery

    How about “Newest Model Project – soft vinyl Christina Hendricks nude figure in 1/6 scale”?
    If Mohammad can’t go to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammad…you’ll sell lots of these.

  • David Spain

    Combine Pat’s suggestion with ‘and then this crazy thing happened’ blog posting and you get:

    Christina Hendricks nude figure in 1/6 scale made from genuine ATK Aries solid motor rocket residue!!!

    NEVER let it be said that Aries was in vain….

  • Pat Flannery

    No, we just concentrate on the breasts, and do them full size on a wall plaque, using the SRB debris in their molding…but here’s the hook…we put a inflatable bag inside each of them and attach those to a hidden air pump, so that you push a button on the plaque…and now it’s Christina Hendricks’ breasts…IN ZERO G!