Jul 312010

The spambots are getting numerous and belligerant. While the blog has an anti-spam plugin that gets the majority of them, some still get through up to the stage of requiring moderation. More than 260 spam comments were blocked today, with more than a dozen making it through to moderation. *This* is why your first message must be moderated and accepted… otherwise, there’d be far more spam comments on the blog than actual comments.

The vast number of spam comments, though, means that some actual messages will get lost. If you try to post a comment with multiple links, it may well get dropped in the spam bucket. And of course first time commenters have to compete with spam to get noticed.


 Posted by at 12:30 am
  • 2hotel9

    Don’t feel lonely, all of the blogs I go to are having a major increase in spambotery. I am still waiting for some especially clever geek to come up with the electronic equivalent of a claymore mine for these a$$holes.

  • Michael Holt

    Any truly civilized culture would publicly eviscerate and execute spam, virus, and trojan writers and promoters.

  • Bruce

    Yes, Michael I certainly agree there should have been something done
    about them a long time ago exposing the culprits somehow.

  • admin

    The problem is that the bulk of the spammers seem to be dirty, filthy furrin types. The rather odd use of the English language in many of the messages makes it clear that English is not their language of choice. And while it would be only good and proper for American law enforcement to be able to reach out globally and put the smackdown on criminals who pester Odin’s Chosen (i.e. “Americans”), for some reason other nations refuse to allow that. And giving that pack of genetic defectives known as the “United Nations” the power to enforce laws internationally would be a disaster of Clive-Barker-nightmare proportions.

  • 2hotel9

    Hence the need for an electronic version of a claymore. Destroy their computers from the inside out, get them screeching and crying about it in the press, then simply pay soccer hooligans to kill them. For the price of a few hundred cases of beer the world could be made a much better place.