Jul 302010


Note: one of those irritating “slideshows.” Also note: blood&burger, so probably NSFW.

Short form: family goes boating off the coast of Florida. A barracuda decides to leap into the boat, clamping onto 14-year-old girls arm in the process, ripping it up pretty effectively.

Father stabs the barracuda in the head with a knife, cuts the anchor line and they zoom back to shore (at least, as much of a “zoom” as they can get out of the fishing boat).

Before hopping in the car and dashing to the hospital for a quick dose of 51 stitches, they stop for a photo:


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  • sferrin

    LOL! There’s a demotivational in there somewhere.

  • Michael Holt

    Damn. Lost a perfectly good anchor, too. Good photos of the chewed-up arm, so not everyone panicked.

    Does this make the daughter fish bait?

  • 2hotel9

    Kinda nasty, though, I have gotten worse from barbed wire. Nice cudda, they make excellent bait!

  • Michael Antoniewicz II

    This is what I caught, this is the bait I used. 😉