Jul 292010


Ousted Agriculture Department employee Shirley Sherrod said Thursday she will sue a conservative blogger who posted a video edited in a way that made her appear racist.

Wow. Really? The video wasn’t edited to make her appear racist; it was actually longer than it needed to be to make the NAACP members in the audience appear racist.

But she’s decided to sue. Fine. This means she’s going to have every last bit of whackadoodle Marxist nuttery she’s ever uttered brought to the public fore. Obama’s gonna *love* this…

Of course, if she somehow wins the lawsuit, it will be open season on *every* media outlet that ever dares to show any video ever. Breitbart did nothing more to the tape – if he did anything at all –  than to simply show a single four minute segment. He didn’t alter the audio or the video at all. So, the next time some politician gets caught saying something stupid, he can sue the hell out of any media outlet or blogger who dares to show it without showing the preceeding and following half hour as well.

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  • Bruce

    It’s like that famous Rodney King tape of him getting beaten by those four
    cops some years back. There was supposedly parts that weren’t released
    until later on of how the whole thing started to begin with.

  • This has been quite a spectacle for all involved, hasn’t it. Of course, Sherrod would have had a much stronger case that she had done nothing wrong if the White House hadn’t frickin FIRED her… before they’d even listened to her entire speech or Fox had uttered a word about the event. As for Breitbart, I don’t think they altered the tape, either. At worst, they took what they had and ran with it without waiting for full context. Foolish? Possibly. But criminal? I don’t think you can prove it.

    I hope she loses the lawsuit, for the exact reasons you specificed and also because anyone who utters “whackadoodle Marxist nuttery” (which is undeniable in any version of the tape) seriously doesn’t rate very high in my book, either.

  • 2hotel9

    Have you seen the video and read the transcripts of Shirley’s husband? Quite the Rev Wright moment, as he calls for blacks to rise up and take America over as a new, all black country.

    Me thinks they all protesteth to mucheth.

  • admin

    > as he calls for blacks to rise up and take America over as a new, all black country.

    Haven’t seen *that* one…

  • Pat Flannery

    There goes Rangel; now here come Waters:
    You just watch this develop; as I said years ago, the Democrats can’t destroy the Republican Party…only the Republicans can do that.
    Want a big African-American turn-out at the midterm elections to go with that big Hispanic one over the Arizona law?
    I got news for you; this is exactly how to do it.
    The Tea Party crew has way too much fun bitching about things to actually get around to doing simple things like voting.
    By not voting, they shall make a powerful philosophical statement about their lack of faith in the current state of American democracy, particularly in regards to state’s rights versus the federal government.
    May I suggest a bombardment of Fort Sumter as the next logical move?
    That worked great the last around. 🙂