Jun 302010

A storm blew through last evening. Some rain, but a *lot* of wind. For a while there it looked like there’d be a really good rainbow, but it never really came together. So, please enjoy this horse.

dsc_2921.jpg  dsc_2925.jpg  dsc_2927.jpg  dsc_2928.jpg  dsc_2929.jpg  dsc_2935.jpg

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  • kbob42

    You have a very nice backyard. What do the cats think of the horses?

  • admin

    Typically the cats and the horses don’t pay each other much mind. If a horse gets too interested in a cat, though, the cat with make a cat-shaped hole in the air.

  • George Allegrezza

    I have a little experience with horses, and they are terrified of nearly everything, including rustling leaves, bugs, and crush-proof Marlboro packs lying on the ground. I would not be surprised to see the horses as shit-scared of the felines as the kitties are of the horses.

    About the only creatures they aren’t afraid of are dogs, go figure.

  • tps

    According to my wife they can be the most curious of creatures too. She got trapped in an outhouse by a couple who were standing against the door so they could look in through the cracks. They couldn’t figure out why the human was in there!

    The ones she’s been around also like to snuffle the fur of the barn cats who doze in the feed troughs. Which pleases the cats to no end.