Jun 292010

The billboard shows a product with a description that is clearly meant to be a lame pun. But it also manages to make the product *really* unappealing due to a double entendre one *hopes* they simply didn’t think of:

McDonalds Unveils New Ogre Ejaculate McFlurry Flavor


 Posted by at 8:39 pm
  • Jim

    An awful lot of people missed that one, if it was an accident.


  • 2Hotel9

    Sorry, I don’t see ejaculate on the billboard. Is there a second pic with that?

  • sferrin

    “Ogre-load” don’t you know your Pr0n terminology? 😉

  • 2Hotel9

    I was expecting something,,,,well, funny. The first thing I think when I read it is overload. Ice cream and sex never really appealed to me. Now, ice cream AFTER sex, that is a whole different ball game!