Jun 282010

In support of my “Nuclear Pulse Propulsion” book, I hunted down Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann. Anyone who knows this blog should be at least aware of the “Enzmann Starship,” and why it would be relevant to my book.

Anyway, Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann is working on a book of his own, and needs an illustrator. It’s something to do with a missing German U-Boat in the last days of WWII. One of the stipulations is that the illustrator should be good at depicting children, although the illustrations are, I gather, only needed to be relatively simple.

A skill I wholly lack. However, if this interests you and you’d like to be put in touch with Dr. Robert Duncan-Enzmann, let me know.

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  • Jeff Wright

    This might be where you want to start: http://www.ricksternbach.com/real1.html http://www.ricksternbach.com/real2.html

    Also, In an earlier comment, I gave information about the individual who came up with the Euclid ULLV– Hujsak

    N-1 inspired craft http://www.ricksternbach.com/trek2.html

  • Siergen

    A book about a “missing German U-Boat in the last days of WWII” and children? Other than “The Boys from Brazil”, I’m drawing a blank on how those two subjects might be related…

  • Michael Holt

    I read a book when I was about 12 about two or three children who were captured by a U-boat because they knew where it was hiding along the Carolina coast. My daughter thinks the Type 21 is beautiful.

  • Floor Mat

    Perhaps it’s a book about Tierra del Fuego and the Nazi UFO base in Antarctica.

  • Pat Flannery

    The Type XXI was a great looking sub, and heavily influenced world-wide sub design after WW II; you can see a lot of it in both our Nautilus and the conventionally powered Soviet “Whiskey” design.
    I’ve got a cutaway model of one by Revell of Germany, and it’s a really nice kit – here’s some photos of a finished one:

  • Hello

    My names is Andre, I’m an italian illustrator but I live in Dublin.
    In regards to the illustrator needed post I saw, I am very interested. I have been asked to illustrate for a number of children’s books and I worked in animation cartoon for a company leader in Europe and Usa.
    I could produce quality work and easily meet deadlines. I am very proficient in producing graphic digital art and have an enormous number of styles, I can draw anything and in any style. Also, I could easily produce a new style or mood in the drawings based on what you specifically want.
    please take a look at my sample illustrations at my gallery portfolio by


    My last book http://www.theprinciplegang.com

    Thanks Andre