May 302010

Photoshop Theme: Make a ‘grim & gritty’ remake of a kid’s movie/TV show

While there are some real winners there, for readers of this blog, this has to be the most heart-stabby of the bunch:


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  • Jim

    Right between the ribs.


  • Learn Mandarin, kids.

  • archipeppe

    Sad…but true.
    Anyway even if really unlikely I loved the original 1986 movie.

    Absolutely campy but a perfect picture of that shining ol’ days.

  • Michael Holt

    “Space Camp2” inspires “Capricorn 2,” with the original logos over an image of the Mercury-Redstone on the pad in a sound stage.

  • Sean Schauer

    I used to work for Space Camp’s offshoot, Aviation Challenge. I have friends who still work there and I can tell you that the camp is still doing strong, they are just eagerly watching to see what comes to replace the shuttle so that they can revamp.