May 302010

You know, I’m good at designing stuff. Real, practical, working mechanisms, tools, test equipment, vehicles, whatever. But I seem to lack the spark of the divine lunatic that would allow me to come up with the 38 Caliber Pocket Shrine .

It’s truly the perfect size to put in your pocket, measuring just 30mm x 13mm. The outer jacket is made of gold polymer clay that’s been coated with PearlEx powder and polyurethane. I’ve tucked a tiny silver oxidized Our Lady of Lourdes charm inside which I’ve set into a removeable poly clay base. The tiny Tibetan silver cross completes the outside of the shrine. This is the perfect gift for anyone who’s on the go and for whom space is at a premium.

Damn. This has got to be where the real money is.

Side note: Odin don’t go for anything less than .50 BMG in his pocket shrines.

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  • 2Hotel9

    So, this guy is trying to get people thrown out of airports and arrested? Or he is simply high, one or the other, clearly.

    And yes, Odin would appreciate the .50, as long as you are sending it downrange to smite the unbelievers. Or a bull elk. He’s cool with either one!