May 282010

How else to explain THIS?

Nimoy Sunset Pie.

Kids these days…

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  • Michel Van

    the Internet,
    the finale frontier,
    this are voyage of no-sens…

  • Michael Holt

    No, you’ve not gone insane. Insane is doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same reactions. Do anything too often, and the reaction becomes annoyance – as it will here. The images were almost funny for the first six or so.

  • Jim

    What does it say about I, that I am literally laughing out loud?


  • Michael Holt

    It says you find it funny. I did, too, for the first few pictures. It’s possible to overdose on good ideas. Well, that happens to me. Maybe I need more different stuff. Or maybe, somewhere in the secret corners of my soul, I think Spock is really a god and beyond the reach of mere humans.


  • Pat Flannery

    It gets old _real_ fast.