Apr 282010

Here’s the last of ’em! From APR original print issue V5N5 comes a 13-page article on the “Spacejet” concept. One of the problems with single stage ot orbit spaceplanes that use turbojets to get up to speed is that you then have to drag the weight of the turbojets and their associated fuel tanks all the way to orbit. Spacejet did away with that, by putting the turbojets and their fuel tanks in ejectable pods. What’s more, the ejectable pods were themselves small unmanned vehicles; after separation, they would fly themselves back to the launch site for a convenient runway landing.

 This article presents a multitude of designs for variations on the Spacejet theme, including a spaceplane that was a greatly stretched mutant Space Shuttle.

Download for only $2.40.

Order it (and all the other currently available APR articles) here: http://www.up-ship.com/blog/eAPR/articles.htm


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