Apr 052010

Courtesy blog reader Michael Holt, the front and back of a moon flight reservation card from Pan Am. The back shows the “Orion III” spaceplane from the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey.”



I’ve never seen this sort of thing before. Sad to see that there was once such enthusiasm fr spaceflight, but no longer.

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  • Pat Flannery

    Any idea who the artist on the cards was?
    The style of the art reminds me of kid’s space books from that period.
    I can see they were trying to get the space tourist idea across by having them carrying things like suitcases, but in this case if someone takes your luggage you are going to suffocate.
    Enthusiasm for spaceflight was a fad that came and passed, like HAM radio did.
    It’s fun to tell people who are twenty or so years younger than I am about what the early 60’s were like as far as as national space craziness went, when everyone was glued to their TV sets during any manned flight, even taking time off from checking the food stocks in their fallout shelters to watch us battle the Russians in space.

  • 2Hotel9

    DAMN!!!! My brother and I had those, we got flown from New Orleans to Atalanta to visit our aunt each summer, on Delta and Pan Am. Delta gave us pilot wings and tours of cockpit in flight, Pan Am did that and signed us up for Moon Flight Club and Travelers Club. The good old days of commercial aviation.

    Wish I still had that stuff.

  • “Save your Confederate money, son.” We’re more likely to see a renewed CSA than Pan Am suddenly return and start running Moon flights. 🙁

    Pat: Hey! I’ve been a ham since I was a teenager! Still am. There’s still lots and lots of us; sometimes the digital modes seem fixing to take over all the amateur radio bands, but the bands are still in use.

  • Pat Flannery

    I used to listen to shortwave a lot, but never got into ham radio.
    There used to be one guy in the town who actually had a moving tracking antenna that let him talk via the Oscar satellites, but with modern telephone technology letting you talk point-to-point all over the world, ham looks pretty ho-hum.
    Besides, we all know that ham radio fans are really Ruskie spies and give daily reports to Moscow. At least that’s what people around here think, but they also think that hummingbirds migrate by riding on the back of Canada geese.

  • George Allegrezza

    Got Mom searching the palatial Allegrezza homestead for mine as we speak.

  • jdcc

    and then they went Bankrupt!

  • Edward Licio Poian

    I have two for sale, along with the envelopes and letter from James Montgomery, Vice President of Sales, in Mint condition.

  • John Zlynch

    Can you tell me how much you are asking for them? You can also email me at lynchsipad@gmail.com thanks!