Mar 292010

As if it wasn’t bad enough getting this crap from the Islamojihadis, now we’re getting it from the Christian godbotherers…

Nine members of a self-described Christian militia group, including one from northwest Indiana, are accused of plotting to kill a Michigan police officer and then stage an attack on other officers attending his funeral.

Members of the group, the Hutaree, plotted to attack law enforcement vehicles during the funeral procession with “improvised explosive devices” and “explosively-formed projectiles,” the U.S. attorney’s office said. According to a federal indictment, members of the group view local, state and federal law enforcement as the “brotherhood,” their enemy. The plot dates to August 2008, the indictment says.

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  • 2Hotel9

    You do know that there have been christian militias in America from before our founding, right?

    And these yahoos sound like fundamentalist drug dealers, to me. Probably pretty heavy into fencing stolen goods and whatnot. Rednecks be like that. I should know, been around enough of them.

  • admin

    > there have been christian militias in America from before our founding

    Religious groups that take up arms in preparation for Armageddon/Christ’s Return/The Hidden Imam’s Return/The Zionist Conspiracy/What The Hell Ever give me an uncomfortableness.

    This sort of whackadoodlery just plays directly into the hands of the Left.

  • Bernard

    That’s why it’s come up now. The legacy media is trying to tie this guys with the Tea Party types. It is not beyond comprehension that the Gov’t purposefully put off/accelerated/fabricated the arrests for political effect.

  • admin

    Indeed. One is left to wonder if there might not have been an agent provacateur in the group. Compare news out of Michigan and Moscow: on the one hand, a group of wanna-be terrorists were nabbed long before they could do anything. On the other, actual terrorists managed to blow themselves to bits. Now, it’s certainly *possible* that the FBI was well and truly on the ball here… but how often does that happen? Seems to me they *probably* had at least an informant in the group. And it’s certainly within the political best interests of the current administration and their allies for there to be as much bad press as possible regarding the “Tea Party” and anyone who might dare to sympathize.

  • Brianna

    “And it’s certainly within the political best interests of the current administration and their allies for there to be as much bad press as possible regarding the “Tea Party” and anyone who might dare to sympathize.”

    God knows there are too many people who should know better who are unfortunately buying the fib hook, line and sinker…. 🙁

  • 2Hotel9

    Sorry, they appear to be drug dealing thieves, masquerading as some sort of religious group, or maybe they are using an existing group for cover.The cop they were going to kill had been popping them for possession of stolen property, drug possession, burglaries and a couple of assaults. Some of them were looking at real pen time for interstate trafficking, at least according to some news, others are just short stroking the christian angle.

    I got a call in to a friend in Michigan, she knows the legit militia crowd, I’ll let you know what the skinny is.

    Oh, and a caveat, reports yesterday said they had publicly threatened several Muslims. Now that has vanished. Hmmmm.

  • James

    Frakkin one-god nutjobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael Holt

    Does this mean the Christians are to be seen as terrorists to the same extent that (presumably lunatic fringe) Muslims are terrorists?

  • This could also be a show of force in response to the so-called “window war”. You know the drill: One side breaks a few windows the other rolls out the hardware to impress all and sundry with how bad ass they are.

    These Hutaree guys are pretty obviously low hanging fruit.

  • 2Hotel9

    OK, word from the field on this is “hutaree” are no more a christian militia than my dog is. They are all career criminals with extensive rapsheets at the local law enforcement level, not to mention state and Federal hits. Their target is a cop who has been busting their little moneymaking operations, and for several domestic abuse/assaults. The only Federal connection comes from the interstate trafficking, in stolen goods, cars, and drugs.

    Just checked cnn, MSNBC et al and they have nothing other than “christian militia”. Imagine that.

  • admin

    > word from the field …

    If you can back that up, then this is fairly newsworthy.

  • Michael Holt

    I’m willing to wager that this bunch of nuts is going to be made into a public spectacle partly because the media is anti-Christian and partly because the government is now pro-Muslim. The idea will be to show the ignorant masses that Christians are dangerous, too.

    Funny thing that no one stops the silly snake-handlers even when a snake kills someone’s mother.

    By the way, wasn’t it a condition of admission to the USA in 1896 (or so) that Mormons give up polyagamy? Seems to me that’s direct interference in a religion.

  • allen

    as the head of the New England community Defense study group…this is my response to this “huttaree” group…

    1)they did not meet the definition of Militia. they were a private
    religious-based paramilitary group. you had to have a certain set of religious
    beliefs to belong. the militia is not a religious organization beyond the
    religions of the communities they represent.

    2)militas don’t START fights. we end them. period. don’t go looking for
    trouble..and DON’T pick a fight then expect the rest of us to bail you out. we
    won’t. all you are going to do is get yourself killed and make it a lot harder
    for the rest of us to do what we need to at the proper time. and no, you don’t
    get to set when that time is. neither do we.

    3)a common rule of thumb is “if a person wants to join your group and they are
    looking for a fight..they’re either a nut or a plant..and you don’t want
    either”. I can only assume a bunch of people from “group 1” found each other
    which makes it really handy for the FBI, but bad for the rest of us.

  • 2Hotel9

    People in militia in Michigan are the source, and they are the ones who count, not media or FBI, their political agendas cancel out anything they have to say on the subject.

    You will note that media is refusing to look at their extensive criminal records, just a webpage with a bunch of nonsensical sh*t posted on it. All intended to give them cover and draw sympathy from idiots. Imagine that, news sources refusing to actually report the facts. Such as the truck load of stolen goods seized, the large amounts of drugs and paraphernalia seized. Just the pipe bombs, which they will not give a size on. Large fireworks are classified as “improvised explosive devices” now, wonder why that is.

  • Peter

    Whoever these hutaree people are, the described behavior doesn’t strike me as Christian.

  • admin

    > the described behavior doesn’t strike me as Christian.

    Depends on the Christian. Going bonkers and killing people because they don’t believe in your God? That’s hardly unrecognizable behavior for Christians throughout the bulk of Christian history.