Mar 272010

On the way out of Logan yesterday I happened upon the scene of a car accident. It was clearly some time since the ac tual accident; work crews were already on site to fix up the mess.

 Not sure what the story was, but a car has to be going at a pretty good clip to shear off a telephone pole at the ground like this, I would think. It had just snowed… which, given the relatively warm ground, didn’t stick at all, so maybe that had something to do with it. The right rear tire was also flat… I’m not sure how that would’ve happened in relation to the accident, unless the tire ran over a shard of the pole or something.

dsc_6168.jpg  dsc_6169.jpg  dsc_6170.jpg  dsc_6173.jpg  dsc_6176.jpg

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  • 2Hotel9

    Just from your angles I would say the RR wheel got peeled by the curb, probably when it hit the pole the car sloughed to the right. The hit looks offset to the left, and the rear would have carried to the right as it stopped. Doesn’t look like the cabin got crunched.

  • sferrin

    You didn’t happen to get one of the driver flipping you the bird did you? 😉

  • admin

    The driver was long gone by the time I got there, presumably hauled off to the hospital or the clink, depending.