Feb 282010

After some further tinkering on this project, I took some of the resulting files up to Logan to be printed. They were printed in tow forms… on glossy 16X20 photo paper (the upper two in the first photo) and on regular paper (the lower two). The glossy versions came out looking spectacular, but are too expensive. The other two came out looking just as good, IMO, at somewhat lower price, and look more authentically blueprintish.

dsc_3752.jpgAnd now I’m not quite sure what to do with ’em. The 16X20’s are destined for the wall (or to send to the gents who helped me obtain the original drawings)… might put the rest on eBay. The Lockheed LS-200, certainly, since I had a couple copies made up.

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  • sferrin

    How much you want for that glossy F-23 there at the top?

  • admin

    The two glossies are not currently for sale. I’d need to get someone’s permission before re-distributing.