Feb 282010

For a year or two prior to the re-launch of Aerospace Projects Review, I was torn over whether the initial run should be simply converted to PDF as-is, or re-written. One of the factors that influenced my decision to go with the re-write was the fact that while I still had the digital image files for issue V1N2, the actual Word document had been lost somehow… meaning that no matter what I’d have to re-type the whole thing. So if I had to go to that effort, I fugured I might as well re-work the whole thing.

<> So today I’m digging through my archived files looking for the CAD drawings I’ve made… when I found that while I have the Word document for the new electronic V1N2, I don’t have any of the *new* image files (including the CAD drawings I made of six VTOL fighters).


I can extract the image files out of the Word document, but the CAD drawings are a loss. I have *no* idea where they might have gone.


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  • George Allegrezza

    OT but just FYI, if you ever lose a text source file but have a PDF, I can easily generate an RTF for you.

    Graphics unfortunately ain’t my department. And yet my employers see fit to give me a SolidWorks 10 license! That’s sort of like giving Stevie Wonder a pair of binoculars.