Feb 272010

It goes without saying, I suppose.

But my misunderstandification of the female of my species only increased upon reading of “Vajazzling.”

I Got Vajazzled (and had a camera crew)

No, I’m not posting any of the photos. This is a family-friendly blog, goddamnit.

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  • kbob42

    My wife said no way in hell.

  • admin

    Is it wrong that the first thing that occured to me upon seeing the “product” was “hey, those might make good corner reflectors… someone tries to shoot you with a laser blaster, this’ll send it right back to ’em”?

  • Pat Flannery

    Wow, that was just _made_ for Lady Gaga, wasn’t it? 😀
    At least that’s attractive, which is more than one can say for most body piercings.
    I still remember when I shaved my girlfriend’s pubic hair into a heart one time while we were both drunk, and she went in for a PAP smear a few days later and couldn’t figure out what the doctor was smiling at.
    I reminded her about what we’d done, as she turned as red as a beet.
    The natural curls of her pubic hair would have made an American Eagle possible also, but I was was concerned about the patriotic aspects of such a piece of artwork.

  • Michael Holt

    Seems to me it would cause some irritation, there.

    Oh, well.

    Some women are desperate to be noticed. The only thing they think they can offer to a man is their body. Maybe that’s true for more women than I would prefer to admit.

    I once wrote an essay on why women choose the men they choose. I also formulated the basic rules for relationships. Women send me hate mail when I offer it on the Internet; men approve.

  • Michael Holt

    Speaking of obnoxious and ostentation and in bad taste, this if from the “it takes two to tango” department:


  • admin

    > Some women are desperate to be noticed.

    Yeah, but in this case, it would seem an unusual situation where this particular form of bling would be noticable right up front. Once it’s visible, you’d think the woman would already be “noticed.” I mean it’s not like she’d be walking through the mall, showing it off to random strangers… right? RIGHT?!?!?!

    > “it takes two to tango”

    #7 isn’t tacky… it’s freakin’ hilarious.
    #13… ummm…. WOW.
    #18: saw her before. A Roma chick in Britain. They’re the Guidoes of the UK, I guess.
    #23: AWESOME.
    #30: Urk.
    #44: … ummmmmmm…. WOW.

    On the whole, though, not enough Guidoes. How can you say “tacky” and *not* have a plethora of orange mutants?

  • sferrin

    Speaking of guidos and hilarity. . .


  • Brianna

    Okay, finally read the article and figured out what the heck everyone was talking about. If it makes the guys around here feel any better, I don’t get these women either and I AM female.

    Michael – you want to provide a link or something to this article of yours, so we can finally figure out why you’re getting all this hate mail?

  • 2Hotel9

    Its a stripper thing, thats why we don’t understand.