Feb 272010

Drawn in late 1963, this large diagram shows the Boeing Model 733-197 swing-wing SST. Top and side views are complemented by a number of cross-sections, as well as geometric, weight and payload data. Listed as drawing number 65-38350, this drawing set includes four versions:

  1. The full-size drawing, 15875X7181 pixels.
  2. A halfsize version.
  3. A quartersize version
  4. And a 2210X1000 pixel “blueprint” version.

A great deal of work went into cleaning up this drawing from its original state, and the end result is an impressive diagram of an impressive, though ultimately doomed-to-never-be-built aircraft.


Air Drawing 46 can be downloaded for $5.50.

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  • OM

    …Impressive in one aspect, depressing to know it never came to be. More reasons all the treehuggers responsible need to be rounded up and hung by their privates.

  • Alettriste

    Scott, sorry for posting this here, so please correct me if I did something wrong! I am looking for detailed blueprints of the XP-67 Moonbat. I have your adoc 08 (XP 67 related documents), but I would love to see a detailed blueprint of the plane. Thanks!!!

  • Observer

    Looks like the B-1’s older brother.