Feb 272010

An impressive 8.8 magnitude earthquake offshore Chile has led to tsunami warnings across the Pacific. Hawaii, New Zealand, Oz and Japan would seem to be in for some waves.

2010/02/27 06:34:14 (UTC)
Preliminary Magnitude: 8.8
Latitude: -36.1 Longitude: -72.6
Location: near the coast of central Chile

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  • Siergen

    I’m curious about that computer project of sea-level rises. Why is it streaks, rather than concentric curves? Interference from islands and sea mounts, prevailing currents, something else?

  • Alettriste

    I was at Chiloé Island 2 weeks ago. The people still remembered the 1960 quake and tsunami that obliterated entire villages of the island. Hope everything is OK for them.