Feb 262010

A followup to this. A visit to the local thrift-dump scored three crappy old cookers. Of the three, one had a cord that fit the vac former (and another one that might, after a visit with Mr. Dremel Tool). With some trepidation, it was installed, plugged in and turned on. While it smelled of burning shoggoths, the heating element *did* warm to a nice hot orange glow, the 15-year-old sheet of plastic sagged as badly as my hopes and dreams, and the shopvac provided adequate suction to make passable copies of the two empty cans of cat food that happened to be near at hand. Woo! The power cord itself got disturbingly warm, however.
So, now I will be able to make some vac-formed items. The long-dreamed-of, long despised for being incredibly expensive 1/288 scale “Archangel Michael” seems like a possible prospect.

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  • Bruce

    I should have mentioned it earlier but the cord connection looked like the
    connection from a pan-grill that my grandmother made pancakes and
    other stuff on when me and my brother were kids. I f I remember right,
    the cord itself was the old fashion type of cord that had the old cloth sort
    of covering to it if that what it was kind of nylonish,I dunno.

  • JP

    Excellent, what’s the working envelope?

  • admin

    12X18 inches. Not ginormous, but pretty big. It *might* be just big enough to make top & bottom “shells” for my 1/24 scale X-20.