Jan 312010


How can they call this justice?

A YOUNG man who was left with half-a-head after being attacked must now face the prospect of no one being convicted after the Crown Prosecution Service this week revealed it had dropped the case.

Forklift driver Steve Gator, 26, Farnham Road Harold Hill was left brain damaged and with a grotesquely disfigured half-skull after he was attacked on his way home from work earlier this year.

But the young man, who now suffers seizures, has difficulty communicating and remembering, and has lost parts of his personality, will never see his attackers face court after the CPS decided “there was insufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction.”

If Britain was Hollywood, I’d recommend that the prosecutors either get on the job, or get the hell out of town before Clyde Shelton comes and kicks their asses.



Britainlanders… y’all need to thin the damned herd. You used to be the nation that would ship its undesirables to the other side of the freakin’ planet, back when the other side of the freakin’ planet took weeks to get to. Maybe you should consider reinstating a policy like that. Start with the “yobs” and the bureaucrats. Ship ’em to Kandahar or Somalia or Yemen.

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  • Jim

    If Traitors’ Gate still stands, I reckon it could be put to good use. A lot of good use.


  • Brianna

    Shoot. Shovel. Shut up.