Jan 262010

Filmmaker Who Outed ACORN in Prostitution Sting Arrested

Conservative activist James O’Keefe has been arrested by the U.S. Marshal’s Service for allegedly attempting to bug the offices of U..S. Senator Mary Landrieu. Also arrested were Robert Flanagan, the son of a federal prosecutor, and two others.

O’Keefe is said to have been recording his alleged accomplices’ actions on a cell phone after they entered Landrieu’s offices dressed as telephone repairmen.

Went too far, I think.

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  • 2Hotel9

    Hate to have to burst their bubble, this is EXACTLY what Mr O’Keefe wanted for the start, get all of this into a court room, let it all hit the floor in a massively, loudly public manner. Not hidden behind the guise of Democrat Party bullsh*t.

  • 2Hotel9

    Oh, and Mary Landriue? The whore of the Senate? Really? She has an actual legal leg to stand on, after taking bribes from ACORN and the Democrat Party machine? Really? She wants to stand in front of a Grand Jury, take that oath, sit in that room with FBI Agents asking closer and closer questions? Will she take the 5th?

  • Doug

    It does seem like they might have gone too far. But, none of the articles I’ve read says they had any bugging equipment, only that they dressed as phone repairmen to fraudulently gain access to the office. The AP piece on Yahoo says: “A federal law enforcement official said one of the suspects was picked up in a car a couple of blocks away with a listening device that could pick up transmissions.” That describes an FM radio or a cell phone.

  • Brianna

    I really wish he hadn’t done this; he couldn’t get skewered by the media after ACORN because what he was exposing was so ugly, but now that he was caught doing this, the media (especially the liberal media) is going to have a field day. Not to mention the fact that it was stupid to play a game like this again at all, once he’d already put himself in the papers nationwide with ACORN.

    As for whether he should be skewered, that’s harder. On the one hand, sneaking into congressmens’ offices to bug them is generally considered to be a Bad Idea, and spying on people is not exactly aboveboard behavior. On the other, if they’d been caught AFTER getting hold of something incriminating, we’d all probably feel a lot more forgiving of these people’s transgressions.

    Finally, there’s the simple, “I cannot believe ANY of these kids tried to do something so incredibly stupid.” Really says something about the ACORN people, that O’Keefe was too dumb to realize that this was a Bad Idea, yet managed to get through multiple ACORN offices without arousing suspicion.

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