Oct 112009

Perhaps the single most impressive helicopter to ever almost make it into production, the Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne represented the pinnacle of late 1960’s helicopter technology. Featuring a pusher prop, larger than average stub wings, rigid rotors and a gunners station that could rotate a full 360 degrees, the AH-56 would seem futuristic even today. Sadly, the technology simply wasn’t quite ready at the time, and the very expensive helicopter failed to make it into production.

Now available for download is Lockheed drawing 1005976, “Inboard Profile – Model AH-56A.” This includes four versions of the drawing… the original full color version and a cleaned-up grayscale version (8856X3213 pixels), as well as halfsize versions of each for easier viewing and printing. This is a very nice drawing of a very impressive vehicle.
The AH-56A drawing can be downloaded for $6.50:



More drawings will be coming shortly, along with updates to the Drawigns & Documents page.

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  • Rick

    Well, thank-you, Scott, I was looking for a suitable reference as I wanted to craft up a fuselage body for my R/C electric helicopter (T-Rex 450).

  • Kds-agile Helicopters-uk

    Ok I have added and paid via paypal. how do I download it?