Apr 152018

Sure, bombs, poison gas, cruise missiles, threats, nuclear war, blah, blah, blah. But then this:

Russian Lawmaker Says Russia Should Halt Space Cooperation With U.S.: RIA

It’s not news that, *insanely,* the US is dependent upon the Russians to send our astronauts to the ISS. If the current situation gets bad enough that the Russians no longer will launch US astronauts, then there are two possible outcomes:

  1. NASA pulls its thumb out and hurries up with launching astronauts on Dragon, the CST-100, the Dream Chaser… whatever.
  2. NASA finally abandons the ISS. In which case: good riddance. Either turn it over to the State Department, which is where funding for it has long belonged (ever since it stopped being “Space Station Freedom”), or turn it over to the DoD for target practice. Either’s good. NASA can then contract with Bigelow and SpaceX to orbit a bigger, better space station with artificial gravity and blackjack.
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  • Bob

    Let Elon do it.

  • B-Sabre

    We’ll build a better space station….with blackjack…and hookers!

    • Scottlowther

      The obvious retort is of of course “forget the blackjack.” But if Bigelow builds it… you know gotdam well that there will be no forgetting of the blackjack.

  • sferrin

    What he said.

  • Adam

    Donald Trump wants a space force too. Would Space Marines and space-based fortresses and weapons be perfectly okay to you?

    • Scottlowther

      > Would Space Marines and space-based fortresses and weapons be perfectly okay to you?


      • Adam

        One person pointed out Kessler syndrome as a reason for why space shouldn’t be weaponized. They state that if America puts up space-based weapons then China will destroy it and litter space with debris that will make future spaceflight impossible. Any rebuttal to this?

        • Herp McDerp

          Three rebuttals, in fact:

          ① If China launches a first strike against our spacecraft, then we’re at fault?! Fuck that! (By the way, that attack would be an act of war. In that case, we — and China — would have a lot more to worry about than Kessler Syndrome.)

          ② China has already caused an orbital debris problem by testing ASAT weapons against their own target spacecraft. They’ve given no indication that they’ll stop testing such weapons.

          ③ The oh-so-peaceful Union of Soviet Socialist Republics launched three actual fucking space battle stations, complete with anti-spacecraft weapons that they tested in orbit. You know what? We didn’t attack and destroy them.

        • Scottlowther

          > Any rebuttal to this?

          1) It’s *never* a good idea to decide to not do a good and worthwhile thing because you’re afraid that a villain will mess with it. “Better not build a skyscraper or a Surt worshiper will come along and culturally enrich it into a smoking crater.” “Don’t start a business or a bureaucrat will come along and regulate it out of existence.” “Don’t build that aircraft carrier, the Chinese/Russians will sink it.” “Don’t ask that girl out because even if she doesn’t shoot you down she’ll inevitably break your heart.” “Don’t get that cat/puppy because it will die long before you do and you’ll have to mourn it.”

          2) If you conclude that someone can trash LEO bad enough to turn it into a minefield, *and* you conclude that someone *will* do so sooner or later, then you might as well suck it up and plan accordingly. If you are in the launch vehicle business, this is all good. Because not only do you have to plan on replacing all the satellites in LEO, you’ll need to replace them with either *more* satellites, or *heavier* (armored) satellites. And you’ll also have to launch the systems you’ll need to clean the gunk out of LEO, maybe tens of thousands of tons of water launched into suborbital trajectories to turn into big puffs of gas to brake all the bits of rubbish.

        • Knigh26

          I see this as just another reason for us to get to colonizing Mars and the other planets.

    • sferrin
    • sferrin
  • Knigh26
  • Michael

    Let’s not turn the ISS over the State Department. I suggest the National Park Service. The NPS would then be free to contract with any *American” supplier of transportation, catering, and management. The same science could be carried out but maybe they could add tourists.