Apr 122018

This music video by Nigel Stanford takes vintage NASA and military footage, does some clever and effective computer tinkerage, and produces something entirely new. And it mostly works really, really well. I think I’d almost like to see this given a full movie treatment. And as this video shows, it need not be all that expensive. Does it make a whole lot of sense? Well… no, not really. But as “2001” showed, a good sci-fi movie doesn’t really need to, so long as it’s compelling.


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  • Michel Van

    that’s clever made collage of vintage footage i seen since long time
    and it tell a compelling story

  • Graham

    Nicely done piece of storytelling, mixing vintage footage & CGI. I wonder what the ‘Moon Hoax’ crowd will make of it. I wonder if the story will continue in the next song on the album.

  • sferrin

    That Skycrane wouldn’t have a prayer of lifting something that displaced that much water. That said, it’s a pretty cool short. 🙂

    • CaptainNed

      Well, since the spheres appear to use reactionless propulsion, mayhaps the sphere was just giving the CH-54 some assistance while it figured out what the humans were up to.

      • B-Sabre

        It seems to take violent exception to “what the humans were up to” later in the video.

        • Scottlowther

          Wellllll…… *maaaaaaayyybe* when it started acting funny the humans nuked *it*. And in response… it nonchalantly drifted off into the sky.

          • B-Sabre

            Yeah, but it tried to light up that armored vehicle that got too close. I did like the way the artist managed to merge the imagery of a converted M-5 light tank (which I seem to remember from the atomic tests as a radio controlled sampling system) with video of Marines piling out of an APC (M75?).

          • Scottlowther

            Odd that it would zap the tank but not the helicopter. Probably overthinking (the best kind of thinking), but maybe the *tank * zapped the sphere using the doodad on the front. Maybe it wasn’t even an aggressive act, but the army giving the sphere a jump start. Note that nobody took any potshots at it.

    • Scottlowther

      I was thinking that, but then maybe it’s not watertight.There are, however, some pretty hefty scale mismatches throughout the video. Sometimes it’s not much bigger than a LEM; sometimes it’s up there with an aircraft carrier.

  • Bill H

    Question – the shot of the sphere lifting off above the nuclear explosion makes me wonder – has anyone ever done a good visual simulation of what an Orion would look like taking off from the ground at about that distance?