Mar 122018

There are political and ideological lessons to be learned here. I leave it as an exercise for the student to suss out what they might be.

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  • sferrin

    With talk like that you’re going to trigger a bunch of Millennial SJWs who think STEM should be STEAM. Cuz, you know, the world would be a better place, and who needs math anyway? (Though they’ll prattle on about “sciencing” while in the next breath telling you there are more than two genders.)

    • Nh_flier

      One of the things that troubles me about the video (and the approach of the people in the video) is that there’s no real design or analysis. Not a computer, notepad, calculator, or even a slide rule in sight. The problems that they showed (poor aerodynamic balance, a thrust line that’s creating a nose down moment, the structural weaknesses) would bave been avoided by a couple of hours of skull-work, rather than weeks of hammering on it.
      That doesn’t mean that there wouldn’t be problems, which you’d then have to think about so solve.
      Note – the failure to rotate on the takeoff attempts has nothing to do with a quadricycle wheel arrangement, and everything to do with poor thrust line geometry and insufficient tail moment arm.

  • Knigh26

    This was hilarious, I loved it, just what I needed this morning.

  • Ulrich Brasche III

    with enough power, anything can be made to fly 🙂 there was an argument years ago on RCGroups when “foamies” and 3D flight were becoming popular. A scratch builder made a disparaging comment about all the flat-foam “planes” being dragged around by their electric motors and that no actual aerodynamics were needed. This created a debate in which the builder stated “with a good motor and prop I could make a styrofoam cooler fly”. After others claimed otherwise, he went and did it. My google fu is failing me for photos. But a brushless motor, some fins with flaps, and the thing “flew” from its prop ( these 3D flats have enough resistance to fly without contrarotating props to counter torque).

    So in the spirit of “the flying lawnmower”, and the flying cooler, we’ve got a flying little tykes. Of course, we also did have the flying Ford Pinto too (that didn’t go so well)