Mar 122018

As embarrassing as Trump often is… imagine the alternative:

Oy. Nothing screams “American power and confidence” like clumsiness, fragility and dependency upon others to carry out simple tasks.

Also: feel free to insert a joke HERE about “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle” or other man-despising feminist yapping points. Note that this Strong Independent Woman needs *two* men. Note how Hillary’s aide Huma  *leaps* to her aid…


And because why not:


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  • Herp McDerp

    Eh. I’m almost willing to give her a mulligan on this one. It looks as though it had rained recently, so those worn stone steps probably were wet and slippery. And she’s wearing sandals, which would not increase her stability.

    But the woman seems out of shape and physically compromised. I strongly suspect that if she tries to run again in 2020, she’ll have to withdraw for health reasons. If she even makes it to 2020 …

    In addition to all the other reasons not to vote for her, the prospect of President Tim Kaine should have sent chills up the spines of sane voters of both major political parties.

    • B-Sabre

      Those steps don’t look wet – in fact in one you can see what looks like dust coming off one of the steps as she “slips”.

      In fact, to me it doesn’t look like she’s slipping, it looks like she’s missing the step entirely.

  • John Nowak

    I’m mixed too. If that happened to someone’s grandmother I wouldn’t think of giggling, but then I remember how they pushed this with Jerry Ford and any sympathy vanishes.

  • Bob

    Maybe she’s drunk.

  • Brianna

    I despise Hillary and think that those who had health concerns about her back during the election were correct, but honestly something like this is not the real issue here. I mean, I have a lot of issues with FDR, but the fact that he couldn’t really walk wasn’t one of them.

    • Scottlowther

      > something like this is not the real issue here

      I disagree. One important job of the President is to project an image of American power. Yes, FDR was crippled by polio… and he hid that fact. JFK was crippled by being a Kennedy, with all the problems that that entails, and at least he *tried* to hide that.

      The President needs to be, among other things, an actor. The role the President needs to play is that of Badass In Chief. If you play the role as weakling or easily shoved around or fragile, you invite attack.

      • Knigh26

        Even Reagan was having serious issues towards the end, and refused to allow anyone to see that his hair was graying. He projected an image of strength and power until the end, and when his health really started slipping knew enough to get out of the spotlight to recover. Within how many months of becoming president did Obama look grey and haggard? The office ages people, it is a ton of stress. I joked during the first Obama election that if McCain won he’d be dead in a year and Sarah Palin would have been president.

  • Ulrich Brasche III

    what would really be “interesting” is how Mrs Clinton would react to significant world powers who have NO respect for females in power-much less the populations of such nations. Would we get more “outrage” and calls for “action” against every ME and most Asian countries because they “disrespected” Madame President, like we’re getting about “russian interference”?

  • Thucydides_of_Athens