Mar 122018

So the latest spokes idjits for the civilian enfeeblement movement pooped out their latest fashion concept for all the Cool Kids to wear:

Oddly enough, it was a Hollywood celeb who pointed out that political armbands might not be such a swift idea. Granted it was one of the very few conservative Hollywood celebs, but still…


Via Gateway Pundit.

Sadly after getting schooled, the original tweets with the idea and photos were taken down. Much better would it have been had they kept going so that people could see that those who push for gun control are little better than the fascists they emulate in so many ways.

So once again we’re left with the paradox: we’re supposed to listen to these kids on matters of politics… while at the same time we’re not supposed to allow them to exercise their constitutional rights because they’re all untrustworthy emotional basketcases.




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  • Deodand

    I can see the pictures. I see exactly what he meant, especially the one in the middle of the three on the right hand side. You will probably find they didn’t study history, because they consider the past to be ‘problematic’, ‘triggering’ and so on. Which is a real pity because as that picture shows, those who forget or deliberately ignore the past run the real risk of repeating it.

    And do you know what the saddest part is, I support gun control, the sooner Americans stop treating firearms like toys, the better.

    • sferrin

      “And do you know what the saddest part is, I support gun control, the sooner Americans stop treating firearms like toys, the better.”

      That’s just your ignorance and prejudice showing.

    • Ulrich Brasche III

      I don;t see anyone rallying for rights for toys. But it helps your cause to marginalize the issue, that’s your coping mechanism.

  • Ulrich Brasche III

    every few years we get a class of kids who are told they “out to change the world” and go with “we are the future, listen to us!” and to ignore those before them. who then become politically useful in their lack of experience with “being lied to”. soon they start thinking things are a bit more complicated than their teachers told them. And then they’re forgotten-and the next class is gets the same ego-pump and the same orders to disregard. and so on and so forth.

    the same marching orders, the same “holier than thou because we got no responsibility” and “ignore everyone else cuz they’re corrupt or jaded” were issued to my class, and most every couple years before that, and to my sister’s class a few years later, ongoing into today.

    As soon as one gains enough world experience to not believe everything they are fed, to realize “not everything is worth standing in line for”, they’re no longer useful and are on the “ignore and marginalize” list.

    The only thing changing is how fast a single idea can be pushed to a group that is more concerned with whats trending on facebook than what they cared about 5 minutes before.