Mar 112018

A model of the Northrop low altitude penetrator alternative to the B-2, to be 3D printed and turned into a kit for Fantastic Plastic is in the very early stages.

And a JPL interstellar precursor spacecraft design with a Pluto orbiter. The goal was to put scientific instruments a full 1,000 astronomical units out using nuclear/electric propulsion. This model is being built with the specific intention of using it to create a set of accurate and consistent diagrams for the next issue of US Spacecraft projects, but I wonder if there might be interest in a physical model of this.


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  • markus baur

    that TAU probe design has a nuclear engnie?

  • Law

    Wasn’t the reactor on the end of a long boom in the TAU probe?

    • Scottlowther

      In most designs, yes. This one was different, obviously. Why the designers thought that putting the reactor that close to the instruments was a good idea is a bit unclear.

  • se jones

    Boeing’s new MQ-25 “Stingray” UAV Navy tanker prototype is pretty sweet looking too.

    A UAV tanker makes a lot of sense, there’s a lot of mass in the structures & subsystems needed to keep the meat sickle alive, now that mass can go to more fuel.