Mar 102018

The local news has been having a blast with this bit of video for the past few days. Short form: on March 4, a pickup truck pulling a trailer was driving down a slushy, icy Utah highway when a car ahead of it lost control. The truck driver skillfully and *calmly* avoided impact, with the result that there was no damage to anybody. Normally this probably wouldn’t merit coverage on the news, but the music being listened to seems to amuse the frak out of anyone who watches the video.

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  • se jones

    Well…speaking of music and awesome video:

    Musk showed up yesterday for the WestWorld panel at the 2018 South by Southwest Film Festival, where he proceeded to show a Falcon Heavy music montage edited by Jonah Nolan and Lisa Joy.

    And there ya have it at 1:13, the core stage doin the lawn dart next to the drone ship. That was a lot closer than I had pictured it. I’m wondering if they just got lucky to miss the ship, or did the software detect the off-nominal descent and do quick “swing and a miss” in a split second?

  • Bruce

    Nothing really to do with this,well sort of…..found out recently the “Major Tom” song by David Bowie dates back to 1969….Fascinating since I didn’t hear it or see the video until 1983.

  • Bruce

    In addition to my last comment,the “Major Tom” song is on a version called “Space Oddity”.

    • CaptainNed

      Released as a single in 1969 in the UK and made the top 5 in the charts. Re-released in 1973, where it hit #15 in the US charts. Re-re-released in 1975 in the UK and made it to #1. Hit the charts again after Chris Hadfield’s ISS version in 2013, and charted again after Bowie’s death in 2016, hitting #1 in France.

      Then there’s the se