Feb 102018

Fake news! Fake news! The Russians are involved, somehow!

SpaceX Hired Company to Destroy Floating GovSat Booster, Not USAF

The latest journalization has it that SpaceX initially contacted the USAF to take care of their errant floater, but in the end hired commercial “demolition experts” to do the job.

Once again, no details are provided. Obviously, an A-10 opening up a can of BRRRRRRRRRT or a B-1 laying down a bunch of laser guided bombs are no longer options. But one can now imagine a whole range of other options. Perhaps the demolition expert was an 80’s aficionado with a great big speedboat and Nothing Left To Lose, and he actually rammed the Falcon 9 at high speed leading to a gigantic orange fireball…

Probably not, I suppose.

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  • allen

    I bet the Smithsonian would have taken custody of it, given the chance. they could lay it down in the same hangar as Discovery in the Udvar-Hazy center in Virginia.

    • Scottlowther

      it would certainly be appropriate for the NASM to have a Falcon 9. But they really only need *one,* and in the end I suspect there will be a number to choose from. Might as well get ’em a good one.