Feb 102018

I was watching some youtube videos a few days ago and it suddenly dawned on me that *all* of them pretty much started off with “changes in youtube monetization is screwing over the smaller channels, so support my patreon.”

My first thought was something along the lines of “jeez, all that begging seems a little undignified.” My second thought was “Hey! I have no remaining dignity! Maybe I should try that!”

So… what the frell. If’n ya like the Unwanted Blog, or find some value in the stuff  post or the yammerings I blather, of if you just want to support some cats or make sure than not all of your money gets stolen by Antifa or other assorted SJWs, why not throw some money into a tip jar, or even subscribe for a monthly amount? Always recommended is to sign up to the APR Patreon; there you get definite monthly aerospace history goodies.




Feline Tip Jar

Speedbump is disappointed with non-susbscribers…

 Posted by at 4:57 pm
  • Brianna

    I think Speedbump is actually disappointed in the fact that he is sitting in a cat carrier, but that might just be me :-p