Feb 072018

Let me know when those who are fighting against the cis white supremacist patriarchal system of engineering can come up with something like this:

Watching those two boosters plummet from the sky and dual land like that? That’s some sci-fi sh!t, right there.

EDIT: And then there’s this one, shot from the ULA Delta IV launch pad at SLC-37. I believe you can see the Apollo 1 launch table in the foreground, which I’ve been to and highly recommend in much the same way I recommend the Viet Nam Memorial Wall in D.C. This video has some subtle sounds that are interesting and important, so crank up the volume to 11.



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  • Knigh26

    Good, some of the comments the idiots are making…

    But yes, to watch that is amazing. A good friend of mine was there for the launch too, so jealous.

  • Robbie
    • se jones

      Oh hell ya! That totally works.

      thanks for sharing that.

  • FelixA9

    Hey now, no idiot shaming.

  • Thucydides_of_Athens

    As the late Jerry Pournelle used to tell us: Despair is a Mortal Sin.

    Things like that tell us there is still hope.

    • publiusr

      I despair of ever seeing winged flybacks now. Oh well.

  • Siergen

    Multiple white phallic symbols penetrating the coastal airspace in broad daylight. Everyone womyn in the area should sue SpaceX for sexual assault! 😉

    • sferrin

      SJWs would make a rocket shaped like a unicorn and then wonder why it didn’t fly worth a shit.

  • Daniel.

    Flyback works! With VTVL.