Jan 132018

As memory serves, this shocked the bejeebers out of the TV-watching public back in 1985. Yul Brynner had only been dead a few days when this PSA hit the air.


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  • Bruce

    I heard that the guy smoked about 12 packs a day. i would have hated to see his lungs in the autopsy.

    • Kobe

      You mean, 240 cigarettes a day?? Is that even achievable?

      • Scottlowther

        Think of it this way: 12 packs a day is less than one pack per hour. If there are 20 cigs per pack, that’s one every 3 minutes. I’ve seen people lung down cigs faster than that, but it was not a pace they could sustain. But with enough practice and addiction… maybe. But I’d bet that Brynner probably only smoked half that at best.