Jan 112018

President Giant Middle Finger apparently said something that has the snowflakes in a tizzy.

Two points:

1: He called countries that are, by any reasonable metric, bad places, a word that is synonymous with “bad place.” So it was expletive-a-riffic. Boo-friggen’-hoo.

2: He questioned why the US should want more immigrants from countries that are very much unlike the US as opposed to from countries that *are* like the US. This is not an unreasonable thing to question.

Is it unreasonable to prefer immigrants who can and will readily assimilate without going through a lot of taxpayer dollars? Is it unreasonable for the President of the United States to want to preserve and protect the *culture* of the United States?


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  • sferrin

    And this is just one of the reasons he’ll get my vote in 2020.

  • Tybarious

    He’s not wrong. Maybe instead of trying to get out of their problem, they should fix it. These third world countries are not going to get any better if the brain drain continues to happen. They will remain third world counties until the western civilization collapses.

    • Bob

      That’s what I say stay home and fix your own country.

    • B-Sabre

      I’ve sometime wondered if US aid shipments shouldn’t be accompanied by distribution of pallets of M4s and ammunition to the population – “It’s up to you guys to ensure that aid goes someplace other than Zurich.”

      • Scottlowther

        That’s a silly idea.

        Don’t ship ’em AR’s, ship ’em AKs. The infrastructure is already there to keep ’em resupplied, and chances are they already know the basics of how to use and maintain ’em.

        Cheap AR’s are something like $400. An AK can be had for $50.

        • B-Sabre

          The USMC is about to replace a lot of their M4’s with M27’s, so there’s going to be a lot of surplus ones available….

          • Scottlowther

            And the best place for ’em is someplace like eBay or Amazon. Sell ’em to the American public… the people who paid for ’em in the first place.

            Weapons for including in aid shipments should come from captured stores.

  • Allen Ury
    • Scottlowther

      “Our forefathers were kicked out of every *DECENT* country in the world.”

      Couple that with the knowledge that the forefathers referenced here came to the US when the US had strict immigration rules and quotas, when people came to America to become *Americans,* then, yes, that’s a good clip.

      • Allen Ury

        You like that one? Here’s another for one ya!


        • Scottlowther

          Ah, yes, the Irish. The people who flooded into America…
          1) … not because they had trashed their own culture, but because they were occupied and oppressed by a foreign nation
          2) … who came here to *work,* not to live off government bennies
          3) … who fully assimilated into American culture, becoming quintessentially American
          4) … who used the wealth they generated here to help their homeland rise up out of dirt-world status
          5) … who not only didn’t piss and moan about “cultural appropriation,” but who seemingly welcomed the opportunity for their cherished traditions and symbols and fashions and whatnot to become pop culture icons and a cause for other Americans to party and get trashed and act like idjits

          When the Irish were hated in the US, Ireland and Haiti and Africa were shitholes. Ireland *now* seems to be a perfectly cromulent place, and apart from “the troubles” in northern Ireland due to some Irish remaining cheesed off at foreign occupation, has been for generations. How about Haiti? Has it improved to the same sort of condition as Ireland?

          • Allen Ury

            You seem to have a real Jones for Haiti. As a somewhat successful descendant of immigrants from a “shithole” country myself — the impoverished shtetles of early 20th century Czarist Russia — I try to discriminate between rotten governments and the citizens of the countries thereof.

          • Scottlowther

            My interest in Haiti here is solely because it is in the news. There are lots of shitholes in the world… Haiti, Syria, Detroit, D.C.. There are lots of *former * shitholes in the world (pretty much everywhere). You can’t improve if you refuse to recognize that a shithole is a shithole.

  • Bert

    “Norwegian” is a highly skilled talent?

    • Scottlowther

      I’d rather have skilled practitioners of norweeging than… what do they do in Haiti?

      • B-Sabre


  • Thucydides_of_Athens

    Of course the only witness to the President *actually* saying this is a Democrat Senator. Given the track record of Democrats trying to throw mud on the President only to have it boomerang back onto them, I have some doubts as to the exact words being used (I’m pretty sure the President may have voiced opinions about the suitability of immigration from various places, but probably not that directly).

    The really exciting thing is to see which Democrat politician or Progressive icon or institution will end up being taken down by this (much like the multitude of “investigations” continue to uncover Democrat and bureaucratic wrongdoing, or #metoo has unmasked a Progressive sexual predator on average every 20hr since Harvey Weinstein was thrown under the bus).

    • Bert

      And occasionally an RNC and Trump supported candidate for Senate. I’m pretty ok with progressive sex predators getting canned.

      • Thucydides_of_Athens

        Judge Moore is a lesson on how they wanted it to work. 40 year old accusations which could not be proven, a yearbook which was never turned over to investigators (and later admitted to being faked) and an accuser who evaporated the second the election was over.

        A bit different multiple contemporarious complaints, named complainants, photographic evidence, and actual payoffs.

        • publiusr

          It wasn’t all hot air. Then too, we deserved to know this before the primary, instead of alleged victims waiting until the general–putting more people at risk, no?

  • James

    Yes its a asshole thing to say but like I have said to my aunt and uncle who are liberals…its the truth. As long as people come here no one fixes anything.

    America the place isn’t all that special. The people genetically aren’t either. Its the culture and laws that are. So the truth is that most third world shit holes are in places we would go for vacation…THEY EXIST IN NEAR PARADISE.

    If you keep taking the best from the world it can only get shittier.