Jan 112018

Here is a thought-provoking video that attempts to answer one of the disturbing questions of our current age: where are all the Commies coming from? Three decades ago we saw Communism collapse int a heap, surely headed for the septic tank of history, where it belongs with fascism, hereditary monarchy and theocracy. But here it is, seemingly more popular than ever with the young uns.

Short form:

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  • JordanRules

    But these kiddos aren’t even close to traditional communism.

    They are at best cultural marxists.

    Old school commies were all about class and economics: They did not care your race or gender, they felt that all should be equal, or at the very least not exploited as a worker. They would only bring up identity if they felt you were not given equal treatment.

    But these new kids on the block are the total opposite: It’s all about your race, your gender, your sexual orientation, but they never DARE bring up class or economics, because that would crash down their whole idea of what is and who is oppressed.

    So you have Jewish kid who comes from wealthy family, you have black kid who is in Harvard because of affirmative action, trans kid who just sued his neighbors for not installing a 3rd gender bathroom in their private home and a got a million dollar payout, and you got illegal alien kid who got a cushy job at Huffington Post because of his sanctuary city bill, and they all call poor straight white male Joe who is unemployed from his factory closing “privileged” and “an oppressor” because he dares to be both straight and white.

    Meanwhile, transport those 4 kids back a few decades to a communist nation and they would be sent immediately into a gulag for being decadent, bourgeois brats.

  • FelixA9

    Because most young people are stupid (Millennials particularly so). Combine that with being tied to momma’s apron strings until they’re 26 and a huge sense of entitlement, well, standing on their own two feet is beyond their capability. They’re looking for momma and hey, in Communism everything is free right?

  • se jones

    Von Neumanity

    yet another YouTuber I’ve subscribed to thanks to Scott

    Add this guy to the smart guy with the waskly wabbit speech thing and the hot chick with the shoe on head.

  • Thucydides_of_Athens

    The fact that history isn’t being taught anymore, and that Americans, in general are ahistorical people anyway, and ideas like communism can bubble up between the cracks. Of course the way “communism” is being used by most people would confuse real communists from the 1920’s, and how many “Antifa” people recognize they are part of a terrorist organization founded by the “Third Communist International”? (Or even care, for that matter….)