Dec 312017

While poking around one of my old computers I found the partially finished 3D CAD model of the Martin “Aldebaran” I made some years ago for my NPP book. I’ll use the model to create diagrams for the book, in hopes that someday I’ll finish the damn thing, but I’m curious if there might be interest in physical models of the thing. Let me know. I might take a stab at this with Shapeways or some such.

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  • Bob

    I’ve always thought this thing was really cool. I wonder if it could have been made to work?

  • Robbie

    That engine bell looks like it could blowtorch half a continent… you would probably want to be on another continent when it did liftoff.

  • Robbie

    The engine bell looks like it could blowtorch half a continent.

  • Cambias

    My favorite feature is the row of tiny little cockpit windows. I don’t know why but they strike me as funny. I guess it would be funnier to stick a microscopic bubble cockpit on top.

  • B-Sabre

    That thing looks like it came right out of Ming the Merciless’s workshop.

  • David Winfrey

    Yes to a kit, IF it’s hollow cast for affordability to bums like me at 1/600 scale (my Revell United States liner kit stands ready to provide its easily-comprehensible “scale element,” as in:

    However, I’ve never been entirely convinced the thing’s visible taper is due foreshortening, rather than an actual tapering of the fuselage. If I had CAD skills, I’d model it both ways, and do a “reality check” via the above artist concept ere going to kit.

    • Scottlowther

      When it comes to Aldebaran, there’s no overlap between “affordability” and “1/600 scale.”

      As to the tape… consider that this view and the front view have some pretty striking disagreements. In this case, it believe it’s due to the artist not working from a model, or even necessarily from a well-considered three-view, but probably just his own sketch.

  • Madoc

    I always thought the idea that the nuclear propulsion scheme for this was taken seriously to be rather… quaint. But given that everything was “Atomic” during those days – this, to include atomic powered station wagons for mom to haul the kids to softball games – such boundless enthusiasm was par for the course.

  • mattm

    Do you currently have a shapeways store setup?

    • Scottlowther

      I do not. I’ve been considering it for a while, but I don’t know if it’d be worth the effort.

  • Uxi

    Have you considered releasing STL files for those of us with 3D printers? I would be happy to buy through Patreon, of course… but really want some rockets and Orions…